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St Edwards Boys Home

Father George Vincent Hudson, founded Father Hudson’s Society, from a lowly beginning, this man sowed the seeds of a Great Midland’s Charity, which still flourishes today. He is remembered for his vision and humanity and as a man who gave his life to the care of many thousands of children in desperate need. With the growth of the factory system and the exploitation of child labour, Father Hudson feared for the children who found themselves destitute through no fault of their own, helpless, friendless and powerless. The Birmingham Diocesan Rescue Society was formally set up in 1902. Father Hudsons devotion to the children and his patience and energy guided its development, so the society became colloquially known as Father Hudson’s Homes. Father Hudson remained at Coleshill from 1898 to 1934. A network of ‘agents’ were set-up throughout the diocese to report on any cases that arose for referral to “The Homes” but in 1998 the priest in charge of the school was convicted of 18 cases of child abuse and jailed for seven years. where he was to die after serving just three years of his sentence. May be as a result of this, all the homes had closed as residential homes for children.

Carmel Convent

Carmel Convent.

I would first like to thank the Sisters of Camel Convent for allowing access to their home, their hospitality was very much appreciated.

Built in the early 17th Century, Cockerton Field House is believed to be over 700 years old. The Carmel Order moved here on 1830, in 1832 a new Chapel and Choir were built. In 1842 some old outhouses were taken down and a new wing containing a laundry, bakehouse and brewhouse were built, these later became the printing wing.

Future years saw Father Roby succeeded by Father James Brown and under his supervision the present Church, Choir, Sacristy and Cloisters were added. Infirmaries overlooking the Choir were also added.

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