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USA Road Trip update

So now we’ve had our identity verified by Airbnb we’ve booked 3 nights in the French Quarter in NOLA that’s New Orleans to those not in the loop 🙂
We know it’s still some months away but we can’t wait, we are now planning things to do in NOLA for the time we are there, I guess a trip on the Mississippi can’t be left out as well as a Voodoo and cemetery tour 🙂 we really love our old buildings and architecture so I guess some of the time we will be meandering the city taking all the atmosphere in.

USA Roadtrip

Well we have finally agreed to get ourselves over to the USA, we’re going to fly to Atlanta, then grab a car and head down to NOLA for our wedding anniversary, then up to Baton Rouge, Alexandria, Shreveport, Memphis then back to Atlanta.

At the moment we are looking at around 2000 miles in total, but could be more depending on if we make a few diversions, as with any country we visit, we intend to travel off the main interstates as we prefer to see the the country rather than miles and miles of souless tarmac.

Flights are booked and we are looking in AIRBNB for digs in NOLA for 3 nights and then the rest of the trip we’ll just take it as we see it, that way we aren’t tied down to getting to any specific place at a specific time and we honestly can’t wait now 🙂

Lucy has a couple of facebook friends that have even showed an interest in meeting up, one in Atlanta and one in NOLA.