Day 9

We spent the morning prowling around Clarksdale, just to make sure we didn’t miss anything. Then we headed over to Memphis.  We had a bit of a drive around Memphis City centre and took a look at Beale Street. It reminded us of Bourbon Street in New Orleans, full of drunken youngsters wobbling around even though it was only about 3/4pm lol. We decided it was too early for that and besides Glen was driving, as you seem to have to do everywhere over here lol. There are even drive through ATM machines!!  We had lunch in a chain (which we usually try to avoid but we were so hungry and it amused us) called Sonic, which is a drive in where you park up in a car space, place your order and the servers come out on roller skates to deliver it lol. Our waitress looked kinda wobbly, I almost ran across to take the food off her in case she splattered my milkshake everywhere lol. The milkshake survived, fortunately for here :p

Later we went for dinner at The Memphis Bbq Co which was amazing. The have won awards for their ribs and I totally see why, they were divine! Now they need to open a Skegby Bbq Co, not quite as catchy though I fear.  Early night tonight, I need time to beautify myself for the King tomorrow. Xxx

Photos are from Clarksdale.

23 thoughts on “Day 9

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