Day 8 Road to Clarksdale

Today was the day of the longest drive of the holiday. We set out along a road called the Natchez Trace which was the old travelling route used by the local Natchez Indians and later by everyone else travelling between Natchez and Nashville.  It’s a scenic route and therefore a slower road but there are lots of historic places to stop and its a rather beautiful drive. We stopped briefly at an old wooden inn (Locust Inn, see pic) which is I think the only one still remaining, it was someone’s home that was also used as an inn for travellers who had taken their boats down river but had to walk back because the boats couldn’t go up river.  We saw the odd random tortoise walking along the road lol along with a few deer and different birds etc.

First stop was a ghost town called Rodney, which contained many abandoned buildings and churches. We think there was perhaps one house there that is still lived in but for some reason the rest of the town/village was simply abandoned when the Mississippi river changed course and left to rot pretty much. Rather eerie and awkward to get to. Actually I think they abandoned it cos the road into town was such a nightmare :p

Lunch today was at the unique and delightful Old Country Store. It was a buffet style lunch, as much as you can eat and gave us the chance to try their gorgeous fried chicken, corn, mustard greens, okra, black eyed peas, corn bread, candied yam and then an amazing peach cobbler for desert, all washed down with sweet tea. Super delish, if ever you are passing you have to stop by. The owners son just randomly breaks into song whenever he feels like it and even chose to sing a song for me lol. Super friendly people and great food. We were seriously stuffed!

Back on the road again for the most monotonous drive. Flat Mississippi countryside, thousands upon thousands of acres of flat farmland and straight, never ending roads. Very depressing lol, I guess they are lucky they don’t have cliffs here cos people would be flinging themselves off :p

Finally we arrived in Clarksdale which is a very unusual place. Very rundown and a bit intimidating for me really but we heard such good things about it since its the home of Blues really. We went to Ground Zero Blues Club which is part owned by Mogan Freeman. Again a very rustic place, pretty rundown but meant to look this way. We stayed for an hour or so to listen to a local blues band. I think this would be an amazing place to visit if you are a huge Blues fan, since all the greats seem to have been here but it just wasn’t what we expected.

Tomorrow we are onwards to Memphis, here we come Elvis!!!


59 thoughts on “Day 8 Road to Clarksdale

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