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Piana Della Orme, Italy

Situated just outside Latina (90 mins south of Rome) this museum is dedicated to over 50 years of Italian history. It has over 30 thousand square meters of exhibitions to show the traditions and culture of  Italian civilization, it explains the reclamation of the Pontine Marshes to the Second World War.

Pompeii, Italy

A day trip to Pompeii, was always on the agenda and as we looked for a parking spot, a local stopped and made a space for us outside a restaurant, he asked if we were visiting Pompeii and he said when we return, if we eat at his place and we like the food we get the parking free, if we don’t like the food, we don’t pay anything at all!!
Needless to say the food was absolutely gorgeous, we watched his mum cook our meal in such a small kitchen, it was great and we paid without question.

Herculaneum, Italy

A long for wished trip to Italy in 2013, we stayed in the mountains in a small village called Seronne, during the time we were there, day trips out were in order, here we visited Herculaneum.