About me

Hi, I’m Glen and I would consider myself to be, just bloke with a camera.

In 2002 I took an evening class in black and white film photography at my local college and after a year or so, I decided to bite the bullet as they say and retire the Olympus OM10 and move to digital, now believe me, it was a hard decision because every magazine I read it was all about ‘post processing this’, ‘HDR that’ and as this was not the route I was wishing to take, I consciously made the decision to use this new camera and the little skills I had learnt when using film and make a concerted effort to make ‘every shot count’ and not fire off 100’s of shots to find the ‘best’ one or to manipulate them that they become so far removed from the original photograph.

I started by using a Fuji Finepix Bridge Camera for holidays and my walks round the Derbyshire Dales, with good results, (even if I do say so myself), I then got into ‘urban exploration’ and it was at this time that I bought my first DSLR , a Nikon D60, this camera served me very well up until 2012 and that is when I purchased my current camera, a Nikon D7000, I still don’t manipulate my photos and I don’t use flash at all, so in essence, what you see is what you get, straight out of the camera photo’s.

I started this blog to enable me to write a few rambling messages of my travels and what I get up to regarding photography.

Trust me, I’m no expert, I just like taking photo’s 🙂

Whilst I get the blog up and running and if you can spare a few minutes, you can check out my website at www.urbanography.org.uk or even have a looksee at my flickr account, just follow the link on the right 🙂

Just a bloke with a camera.


57 thoughts on “About me

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